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elsewhere Forever

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Video directed and animated by

Collectif Chroniques Cosmiques

Written, produced & arranged by Gabriel Cheurfa

Guitars performed by Pierre Duval

Moog bass and piano performed by Igor Bolender

Mixed by Julien Sabourin at Motif Music Studios in Paris, France

Mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange Studio in Exmouth, United Kingdom

- Lyrics -

I keep dreaming about you

That we write things anew

In my own reflection

I couldn't heed your affection

My mind has shifted

Have I been too half-hearted?

Time took its toll

Troubling my wounded soul

Why would I strive

For something I could never have?

I wonder

Did I let you go?

I'm not sure if I wanna know

I saw it in your eyes

But that way madness lies

A turn for the better

Elsewhere Forever

Colors fade away

I never thought I'd see that day

And after all the twists and turns

I'm at a loss for words

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