elsewhere Forever

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Video directed and animated by

Collectif Chroniques Cosmiques


Written, produced & arranged by Gabriel Cheurfa

Mixed by Julien Sabourin at Motif Music Studios in Paris, France

Mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange Studio in Exmouth, United Kingdom

- Lyrics -

I keep dreaming about you

That we write things anew

In my own reflection

I couldn't heed your affection

My mind has shifted

Have I been too half-hearted?

Time took its toll

Troubling my wounded soul

Why would I strive

For something I could never have?

I wonder

Did I let you go?

I'm not sure if I wanna know

I saw it in your eyes

But that way madness lies

A turn for the better

Elsewhere Forever

Colors fade away

I never thought I'd see that day

And after all the twists and turns

I'm at a loss for words