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Video directed by Gabriel Cheurfa
Director of photography - Théo Robin Meyer
Title sequence motion design - Etienne Lunet
Costume design - Aurore Mallia

Hair & Makeup - Marion Lartigue
Video editing and color grading - Gabriel Cheurfa Background city design & manufacturing -
Eliott Paquet
City model design and manufacturing -
Gabriel Cheurfa, Matya, Igor Bolender, Théo Robin Meyer & Maxence B. Cardon
Shot at 'À Ciel Ouvert' studios, in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, France.

Many thanks to Raoul, Matya, Théo, Maxence, Eliott, Marion, Dorcas, Igor, Etienne & Pierre for their great help and commitment, and also 'À Ciel Ouvert' studios for their kindness and generosity.

Song written, produced & arranged & recorded
by Gabriel Cheurfa
All instruments performed by Gabriel Cheurfa
Mixed by Julien Sabourin at Motif Music Studios
in Paris, France
Mastered by Alex Gophers at Translab Studios in Paris, France

- Lyrics -

What took you so long to find me?
On this endless day of winter
It’s as if my soul had left me
Any hope was getting slender
Where was I before you met me?
When I told the night to linger
Did I ever try to break free?
When the moon was growing dimmer

I’m in a daze

Is there more than my eyes can see?
On this endless day of summer
In a whirl, my mind left me
With no one else to remember
I want everything in a drop of time
You give me nothing to lose in my prime
I have a steady heart and fell to the stars
Pick me up, hide my scars

I’m in a daze


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