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Nefelibata - EP Limited Edition 12" Vinyl

Nefelibata - EP Limited Edition 12" Vinyl


'Nefelibata' Limited Edition 12" Vinyl, including the songs 'Lights Out', 'Put On A Brave Face' (feat. Elodie Cazeau), 'Idle' and 'Nefelibata'.

Including inner sleeve with lyrics and credits.

Draumr’s musical debut ‘Nefelibata’ (2015) draws on memories, real or distorted, to build a bridge over emptiness – a junction of dreams and trailing echoes of the past.
Meaning “the cloud walker”, it follows the footprints of McCartney, Panda Bear and Washed Out, hoping to leave its own mark across the ether.
Produced and arranged in solitude, the sounds of this EP are those of an intimate search for weightlessness.
It will be for him the vehicle of the intimate interpretation of a fascinating and sometimes painful alteration of the senses and of the perception of the world, a phenomenon called “derealization” that he encounters on a daily basis.
Exploring the fragile borders that define otherness and that trace the limits of the tangible and the imaginary, the Nefelibata walks between the clouds and listen for the aerial echo of mortal passions.

All songs written, produced & arranged by Gabriel Cheurfa
Vocals on Put On A Brave Face & Nefelibata featuring Elodie Cazeau
Recorded at home and at Catmilk Studio in Paris
Mixed & mastered by Adrien Aupetit

Artwork by Léa Chassagne

© 2015 Draumr

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